Black Sesame Oil – 50 gm

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Skin Care Benefits:

  • Sesame oil for skin is that it can be used to cleanse it effectively.
  • It helps to remove dead cell and other toxins from pores.
  • It makes skin very smoother.
  • It Works as great moisturizer.
  • Sesame oil can serve to tighten the skin as well as heal it.
  • Sesame oil added to water can make for a great antibacterial skin toner.

Hair Care Benefits:

  • Sesame Oil Promotes Hair Growth.
  • Sesame Oil Helps To remove dandruff.
  • Sesame Oil gets rid of scalp dryness.
  • Sesame Oil Treats Premature Graying.
  • Sesame Oil Protect Hair From UV Rays.
  • Sesame Oil Helps Soothe Hair.
  • Sesame Oil Makes Hair Shinier.


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